MINI-RETREAT: 3 Meditations guiding you to the Light that you Are

MINI-RETREAT: 3 Meditations guiding you to the Light that you Are

Last week I had the privilege to guide an international crowd in my meditation class. I simply loved to let the words flow out in English. We sat for three meditations. Each one in fine tune following up on the other, deepening our experience by each moment and meditation.

I think the three meditations would make a great private retreat! You know, right there in your living-, bedroom or any other warm spot where you like to sit. Who needs those jaw dropping views of exotic retreats anyway, when you sit with your eyes closed?! 😉

Are you ready and comfy? Let’s take that journey inwards.

In the first meditation we connect with our inner being, finding our awareness expanding bit by bit.


The second meditation brings our attention to all that our body and energy is keeping and waiting for us to meet. We bring our attention to the alchemy of awareness in the body. Aknowledging and freeing whatever we carry.


Finally we lay down, let go and let our light within shine.


I hope you enjoy your little retreat. Please do send me a card (below) and let me know which views your inner landscape showed you!



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